Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Inter university centre for studies in science of music (IUCSSM)

Inter University Centre for Studies in Science of Music (IUCSSM) of Mahatma Gandhi University broadly aims at conduct of research to understand everything about music: it’s basic structure; it’s biological, emotional and psychological effect on humans and the brain; it’s healing and altering potential; and its function in the evolutionary process. By learning more about music, we can learn more about ourselves. Music helps scientists understand complex functions of the brain and opens up treatments for patients who are recovering from strokes or suffering with Parkinson’s. Research even suggests that music may alter the structure of the brain. Studies in the science of music are almost an unknown activity in Indian academia. . At IUCSSM, the traditional and known approaches to studies in music have been given a goby. This radical departure marks IUCSSM as the only one of its kind in this country. The centre serves as a platform for the convergence of experts from across the worlds that appreciates the larger import of such an interface and have made genuine attempts by exploring the scope of scientific understanding of music and its implications for common goods.

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