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About Us

Inter University Centre for Studies in Science of Music (IUCSSM) of Mahatma Gandhi University broadly aims at conduct of research to understand everything about music: it’s basic structure; it’s biological, emotional and psychological effect on humans and the brain; it’s healing and altering potential; and its function in the evolutionary process. By learning more about music, we can learn more about ourselves. Music helps scientists understand complex functions of the brain and opens up treatments for patients who are recovering from strokes or suffering with Parkinson’s. Research even suggests that music may alter the structure of the brain. Studies in the science of music are almost an unknown activity in Indian academia.  At IUCSSM, the traditional and known approaches to studies in music have been given a goby. This radical departure marks IUCSSM as the only one of its kind in this country. The centre serves as a platform for the convergence of experts from across the worlds that appreciates the larger import of such an interface and have made genuine attempts by exploring the scope of scientific understanding of music and its implications for common goods.



  • Live demonstration and lecture by Dr.Umayalpuram K Sivaraman and D Naresh on  Sound and Science: measure for measure. Lectures were also delivered by Dr. Suvarna Nalappattu, Dr.Achuth Sankar S Nair and Sri. ThiruvizhaJayasankar on 24/04/2012
  • A collaborative research project on Effect of Music on Embryonic Development- A study on Avian Model was successfully completed out at Dept. of Computational Biology & Bioinformatics, University of Kerala,Tthiruvananthapuram by Dr.Achuth Sankar Nair
  • Talk delivered by Dr.Suneesh George, Franhaufer Institute of Integrated Circuits on Audio Quality Evaluation on 8th June 2012 as part of developing research methodologies related to ‘Science of Music’
  • A lecture demonstration on Acoustic Study on Veena by Veena Maestro ProfPuthukkottai R Krishnamurthi was conducted at CMS College, Kottayam on 6th October 2012 and the same was analyzed by  K N James using the software specifically develop for the same
  • One day workshop on classical music appreciation and Veena-Venu-Violin Concert was organized in association withSaakhya Village & CMS College, Kottayam on 18/12/2012, Tuesday. Lecture Demonstrations were given by eminent flutist Dr. P Padmesh, Vocalist Sri. K Veeramoney and Vainika Sri. V Soundararajan. The performance was scientifically analyzed by Dr. James, KN, Cochin University of Science and Technology
  • A lecture demonstration was conducted by Dr. Pradeep Somasundaram, Princial, College of Applied Science, Vadakkancherry, Palakkad on 08/03/2013 in the seminar hall of School of Pure and Applied Physics
  • Violin maestro Smt N Rajam presented a concert in the seminar hall of School of Environmental Sciences on 07/06/2014 which was analyzed scientifically  during the performance
  • Centre could conduct NADAM 2015 International Seminar on Science of Music (ISSM) 2015 and is the major activity executed by the centre in the period

Naadam 2015

A confluence of scientists, scholars, researchers and students cutting across geographical boundaries sharing their knowledge, understanding about a subject which has  rarely been deliberated in the country.Prof (Dr) James B Kinchen (Jr), Professor of Musicology, University of Wiscon –Parkside  and a team of sixteen choral performers  participated in the Seminar . Professor Kinchen delivered lectures in the Seminar, at CMS College, Kottayam and at Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Kalamasserry as Erudite Scholar in Residence.Dr. Dileep Karanth, Department of Physics, University of Toledo, USA  also delivered key note address as Erudite Scholar in Residence.Several key speakers, researchers, academicians and musicians  participated in the seminar  and presented papers on versatile topics.All the above mentioned programme have been archived for the future research activities of the Centre


  • Proceedings of Nadam 2015 was released 30 th March 2016
  • A seminar on science of music Mathematical analysis of swaras in an octave-A talk by G S Paul on 30 th March 2016 was arranged along with demonstration and performance of  Kudukka veena by  KavilUnnikrihnaVarier
  • A MoU was signed with Kerala State NirmithiKendra , Trivandrum for the construction of Research studio, the advance amount was given and the construction work has already been started
  • The science of Music was included in the faculty of science by the Academic Council of M.G University
  • A lec-dem was conducted on Mohanaveenaby the Grammy award winner and world famous musician  Pandit Viswamohan Bhatt  on  October 2016
  • Research programme- Admission could be initiated
  • Four short term projects on science of music were selected for providing financial assistance

Major Achievements


  • The centre could sponsor one scientific project on science of Music at Kerala University, Trivandrum( Under the guidance of Achuth Sankar).
  • The centre could organize “Nadam 2015”, a unique ,informative and creative international event , may be of first kind in India.
  • The research collaboration between IUCSSM and University of Wisconsin, Parkside, USA is being developed by the Department of Musicology, University of Wisconsin-Parkside
  • The Centre was able to identify innovative ideas. A new wind cum string instrument -Chitravenu – II designed and developed by  Udayashankar, Pittsburg, USA  was demonstrated  in the Seminar as part of promoting innovative ideas.
  • The centre could also promote the science of making Kudukka veena-an indegeneous musical instrument

Activities Since 2017

1.Science of music was included in the faculty of science

2.Physical structure of the research studio has been completed in the year 2019

3.Research programme on improvisation and calibration of Table is in progress

Name of the Research scholar-Retnasree.

Joined on 10-10-2019 FN as per UO .No.3030/2/2019/Academic /AII dated 23-09-2019

  1. The centre has completed twoshort term project works in the area of science of Music ,one at Department of Physics , Government college , Kottayam and other at Department of Music, Kannur 2017-2019
  2. Science behind the musical instrument Morchang by Dr.K.L.Saraladevi, Assistant Professor, Department of Music, Kannur University
  3. Studies on the effect of noise produced in musical instruments and their applications by Dr.Sreelatha, Government College, Kottayam
  4. Conducted one webinar on Musical Fusion and the science behind it on August 8 th 2020
  5. The Centre could move to the first floor of the new convergence complex with effect from December 2021
  6. A National Conference ,”Science of Thalavadhyam “ was conducted on December 16 th and 17 th ,2021.
  7. Smitha has joined as the Guest Faculty in Music therapy with effect from 01-04-22
  8. Continuous classes on music therapy have been started from April 2022 for the differently abled students of School of Behavior Sciences, M.G University.
  9. As a new initiative towards initiating music therapy, a dedicated Music Therapy lab was constituted at the centre which got inaugurated on 04-05-22.
  10. A Musicl fusion event with demonstration was conducted on 04-05-2022 in connection with the inauguration of Music Therapy lab
  11. As a part of the extension work, the centre under the leadership of Dr.Smitha has started music therapy classes  in Angel’s village Kanjirappilly an NGO as per the MoU signed between Angel’s village and MGU.
  12. Muisc day of 2022 was celebrated with the conduct of a cocert on Bhajans by Dr.Smitha accompanied by Retnasree and Chottanikkara Vijayan
  13. Smitha ,our guest faculty is in the process of submitting a new startup “ Speaking Glove” along with the Kerala State government sponsored Incubation centre of Adisankara College of Engineering, Kalady.
  1. Dr.Smitha,our guest faculty has guided a project done by  Sara Jacob, as a co-guide for the topic- “Effect of music intervention on perceived stress and sleep quality among IT professionals, Dissertation submitted to the St AgensCenter for post Graduate studies and research, Mangalore, Karnataka
  1. We have already completed DPR of ‘Employment oriented skill development program for the differently abled with technology and music therapy interventions’ for submitting before DST, Government of India.

Future Plan

  • To establish a research studio that  can  facilitate various research activities  and recordings of  international standards
  • To collaborate with international organizations in the field of ‘Science of Music’
  • To promote innovative ideas (Scientific, technological and aesthetic aspects) in science of Music
  • To conduct and support research in all possible areas in ‘Science of Music
  • To conduct short term courses in Indian music, western music and also in various scientific aspects of the same.

Research proposals are to be invited from interested groups and institutes and the Centre shall provide financial assistance to them, if found eligible



Inauguration by   Hon. Vice Chancellor  Prof.Dr. Sabu Thomas

Welcome   by  Prof. Dr. Jayachandran.K, Honorary Director,

Inter University Centre for studies in science of music (IUCSSM)































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